Communication & Public Speaking Course

Our Communication & Public Speaking course is designed to empower individuals with essential skills for effective communication in professional and personal settings. Whether you want to enhance your presentation skills, improve interpersonal communication, or become a confident public speaker, this course offers practical techniques and strategies. From mastering body language and voice modulation to structuring compelling speeches, participants will gain the confidence and abilities to articulate ideas persuasively and engage audiences with impact. Join us and unlock your potential to communicate with clarity, confidence, and authority.


15 hours (each class 1 hour)


2 classes per week


9 am, 10 am, 5 pm, 6 pm 7 pm

Students can choose any one hour from this

Benefits of Learning Communication & Public Speaking Course

1. Improved Confidence: Gain confidence to speak in front of groups, whether in
meetings, presentations, or social gatherings.
2. Enhanced Persuasion Skills: Learn how to influence and persuade others
3. Better Relationships: Build stronger personal and professional relationships through
improved communication.
4. Career Advancement: Stand out in the workplace with superior communication
skills, leading to better job prospects and promotions.
5. Personal Growth: Overcome the fear of public speaking and develop a more positive
By enrolling in this course, you’ll be taking a significant step towards becoming a more
effective and influential communicator. The added internship component ensures that
you gain practical experience, applying what you’ve learned in real-world situations. Join
us to unlock your potential and achieve your goals.


Week 1: Introduction to Communication & Public Speaking

– Hour 1: Understanding the Basics of Communication
– Types of communication: verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual
– The communication process and models
– Hour 2: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
– Importance of public speaking, Overcoming the fear of public speaking

Week 2: Developing Effective Communication Skills

– Hour 3: Active Listening
– Techniques for active listening, Barriers to effective listening
– Hour 4: Verbal Communication Techniques
– Clarity, tone, and articulation, Enhancing vocabulary and language skills

Week 3: Non-Verbal Communication

– Hour 5: Body Language
– Understanding body language and its impact
– Using gestures, facial expressions, and posture effectively
– Hour 6: Eye Contact and Facial Expressions
– Importance of eye contact, Expressing emotions through facial expressions

Week 4: Crafting Your Message

– Hour 7: Structuring Your Speech
– Creating a strong opening and closing, Organising the main content logically
– Hour 8: Persuasive Speaking
– Techniques for persuasive communication, Understanding and appealing to your

Week 5: Enhancing Your Presentation Skills

– Hour 9: Using Visual Aids
– Effective use of slides, charts, and other visual aids
– Avoiding common pitfalls with visual aids
– Hour 10:Voice Modulation
– Techniques for effective voice modulation, Using pitch, pace, and pauses

Week 6: Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

– Hour 11: Managing Nervousness
– Techniques to calm nerves and build confidence, Breathing and relaxation exercises
– Hour 12: Practicing Mindfulness
– Staying present and focused during speeches, Developing a positive mindset

Week 7: Engaging Your Audience

– Hour 13: Interaction and Engagement
– Techniques for engaging the audience. Handling questions and feedback
– Hour 14: Storytelling in Public Speaking
– The power of storytelling, Crafting and delivering compelling stories

Week 8: Practical Applications and Feedback

– Hour 15: Practise Sessions and Feedback
– Delivering short speeches, Receiving constructive feedback and improving


Internship: 1 month

Requirements: Students must give 3 speeches and take 3 full explanatory classes on
passionate topics (one topic selected by the student and two topics provided by the

How to Enroll?

Step 1

Request the QR code for payment via WhatsApp at 6364199595


Step 2

Send the payment screenshot to the same number.

Step 3

Mention your desired class slot in the message.


Step 4

We will confirm your classes within 3 hours.