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Music Production

Learn theory, DAWs, recording, editing, and beat making. Expert instructors, industry insights, and your unique sound. 

Music Composition

Compose captivating music at TBSA. Learn theory, melody construction, and unleash your creativity with expert guidance. 

Music Theory

Master music theory at TBSA. Unlock the secrets of scales, chords, and musical structures. Expand and elevate your musical compositions!

Mixing & Mastering

Refine your sound with mixing and mastering at TBSA. Polish your tracks, achieve professional quality, and make your music shine!


Capture your sound with precision at TBSA. Learn professional recording techniques, enhance your audio quality, and bring your music to life!

Sound Design

Unleash your creativity with sound design at TBSA. Learn to craft unique and immersive sonic experiences that captivate listeners!

About TBSA

Welcome to The Bangalore Studio Academy! We are a premier institution offering expert training in music production, mixing mastering, sound design, and music theory. Unlock your creative potential and refine your skills with our comprehensive courses. Join us and elevate your music today!



15 Hours


International and Domestic


Online & Offline

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Multi-Payment Methods Available

Available Courses

Music Production Course

Master music production at The Bangalore Studio Academy. Learn DAWs, recording, editing, mixing, and more. Unleash your creativity and produce professional-grade music. Elevate your skills today!

Virtual Learning

Why Choose Us?

Choose The Bangalore Studio Academy for unrivaled music education. Benefit from expert instructors, including Rahul Raj Music, a renowned music director in the Kannada industry. Gain insights from his vast experience and industry expertise. Unlock your potential and make your mark in music production. Join us and embark on a transformative journey in the industry.

What Are The Requirements To Start?

Just a passion for music!

What Equipment Do I Need?

A laptop is necessary for online classes. However, if a student doesn’t have one, they can come to the academy and use the available systems.

What Is The Fees Structure?

Please contact our team at this number: +91 6364 199 595

Academy & Studio Posts

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