DJ Course

Our DJ Course offers comprehensive training in the art and technique of DJing. Learn from experienced DJs about beatmatching, mixing, scratching, and using the latest DJ equipment. The curriculum covers various music genres and performance styles, helping you develop your unique sound. Perfect for aspiring DJs, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry. Gain practical experience through hands-on assignments and live performance opportunities, preparing you for a successful career as a DJ. Join us to turn your passion for music into a profession.


15 hours (each class 1 hour)


2 classes per week


12 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm, 6:30 pm.

Students can choose any one hour from this

Benefits of Learning DJ Course

In today’s music-driven world, learning DJing is not only a skill but a gateway to numerous opportunities in the music industry. DJing goes beyond just playing music; it involves understanding the intricacies of sound, reading the crowd, and creating an unforgettable experience. This course equips students with essential skills, from basic beatmatching to advanced mixing and live performance techniques.

Benefits of Learning DJing:
1. Creative Expression: DJing allows individuals to express themselves creatively by
mixing and blending different genres of music.
2. Career Opportunities: With the rise of electronic music and live events, skilled DJs
are in high demand in clubs, festivals, and private events.
3. Networking: DJing opens doors to networking opportunities within the music
industry, helping you connect with other artists, producers, and event organisers.
4. Technical Skills: Gain hands-on experience with professional DJ equipment and
software, enhancing your technical proficiency.
5. Confidence and Stage Presence: Performing in front of an audience boosts
confidence and improves public speaking and stage presence.

By enrolling in this DJ course, you not only learn the technical aspects of DJing but also
develop a deep appreciation for music and its impact on people. Whether you aspire to
become a professional DJ or simply want to enjoy mixing music as a hobby, this course
provides a comprehensive foundation to start your journey.


Week 1: Introduction to DJing

1. Class 1: Basics of DJing
– Introduction to DJing
– Overview of DJ equipment
– Understanding the role of a DJ
2. Class 2: Music Theory for DJs
– Basic music theory
– Understanding beats, bars, and phrases
– Introduction to different genres of music

Week 2: Equipment and Setup

3. Class 3: DJ Equipment and Setup
– Detailed study of DJ equipment (mixers, controllers)
– Setting up your DJ equipment
– Connecting and calibrating your gear
4. Class 4: Software and Digital DJing
– Overview of DJ software 
– Digital DJing setup
– Importing and organizing your music library

Week 3: Basic Mixing Techniques

5. Class 5: Beatmatching and Blending
– Introduction to beatmatching
– Techniques for seamless transitions
– Basic blending techniques
6. Class 6: Cueing and Pitch Control
– Using cue points
– Understanding and using pitch control
– Practice beat matching with pitch adjustments

Week 4: Advanced Mixing Techniques

7. Class 7: EQ and Filters
– Understanding EQ (equalisation)
– Using filters to enhance mixes
– Practise using EQ and filters in transitions
8. Class 8: Effects and Loops
– Introduction to DJ effects (echo, reverb, flanger)
– Using loops in your sets
– Creative use of effects and loops

Week 5: Reading the Crowd and Performance Techniques

9. Class 9: Reading the Crowd
– Understanding your audience
– Adapting your set to the crowd’s energy
– Techniques for engaging the audience
10. Class 10: Performance Techniques
– Introduction to scratching
– Basic scratching techniques
– Stage presence and performance tips

Week 6: Building a DJ Set

11. Class 11: Set Planning and Preparation
– Planning your DJ set
– Creating a set list
– Organising your tracks for a smooth performance
12. Class 12: Practice Session
– Practical session on building a DJ set
– Feedback and tips from the instructor
– Refining your performance

Week 7: Live Performance and Recording

13. Class 13: Live Performance Techniques
– Performing a live set
– Handling mistakes and recovering smoothly
– Engaging with the audience during a live performance
14. Class 14: Recording Your DJ Set
– Techniques for recording your sets
– Post-production tips
– Sharing your recorded sets online

Week 8: Final Performance and Review

15. Class 15: Final Performance and Review
– Final performance by students
– Review and constructive feedback from the instructor
– Q&A session and course wrap-up

Additional 3 Self-Practice Sessions:

– Available for students who do not have access to a DJ mixer.
– Sessions for hands-on practice and mastering skills.

How to Enroll?

Step 1

Request the QR code for payment via WhatsApp at 6364199595


Step 2

Send the payment screenshot to the same number.

Step 3

Mention your desired class slot in the message.


Step 4

We will confirm your classes within 3 hours.