Mix and Mastering Course

Discover the art of Mix and Mastering in our course, where you’ll learn to blend tracks seamlessly for clarity and impact (Mixing), and refine your final mix for professional sound across all systems (Mastering). Perfect for musicians, producers, and aspiring engineers looking to enhance their audio production skills.


15 hours, spread over 2 months + 1 Month Internship = 3 Months


2 classes per week


3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm

Students can choose any one hour from this

Benefits of Learning Mix & Mastering Course

Enroll in our Mix & Mastering course to gain comprehensive training in industry-standard techniques using Ableton Live. Mastering these skills will elevate the quality of your audio productions, from basic concepts to advanced techniques across various genres. Our structured syllabus includes hands-on experience through internships, building a robust portfolio. Upon completion, receive a diploma certificate enhancing your credibility in the music industry, whether you aim to produce music, collaborate with artists, or pursue a career in audio engineering.


Week 1-2: Introduction to Mixing

– Class 1: Understanding the Mixing Process
– Overview of mixing, Key concepts, and terminology.
– Class 2: Setting Up Your Mixing Session
– Project organization & Track preparation and initial levels.

Week 3-4: Core Mixing Techniques

-Class 3: EQ Basics and Techniques
– Understanding frequency ranges, Using EQ to balance tracks.
– Class 4: Compression and Dynamics Processing
– Understanding compression & Techniques for controlling dynamics.

Week 5-6: Advanced Mixing Concepts

-Class 5: Effects and Automation
– Reverb, delay, and modulation effects.
– Automation techniques for dynamic mixes.
– Class 6: Mixing Vocals
– Techniques for clear and present vocals, Vocal processing and effects.

Week 7-8: Mixing Different Genres

– Class 7: Mixing Electronic Music
– Genre-specific mixing tips, Creating space and depth.
– Class 8: Mixing Acoustic Music
– Natural sound and instrument separation.
– Techniques for a cohesive mix.

Week 9-10: Introduction to Mastering

– Class 9: Mastering Basics
– Overview of the mastering process, Key concepts and goals.
– Class 10: Preparing Your Mix for Mastering
– Final mix adjustments & Exporting for mastering.

Week 11-12: Mastering Techniques

– Class 11: EQ and Dynamics in Mastering
– Mastering EQ techniques & Multiband compression.
– Class 12: Limiting and Maximising Loudness
– Using limiters effectively.
– Achieving competitive loudness.

Week 13-14: Advanced Mastering Concepts

– Class 13: Stereo Enhancement and Imaging
– Techniques for a wider sound & Enhancing the stereo field.
– Class 14: Finalizing and Exporting Masters
– Dithering and final exports, Preparing for distribution.

Week 15: Course Review and Project Preparation

– Class 15: Review and Q&A
– Recap of key concepts.
– Q&A session and project preparation guidance.


Internship after the Training

After completing the 2-month training, students will participate in a 1-month internship where they must submit a mix and master of 2 original soundtracks. This practical experience is crucial for applying the skills learned and obtaining the diploma certificate.

How to Enroll?

Step 1

Request the QR code for payment via WhatsApp at 6364199595


Step 2

Send the payment screenshot to the same number.

Step 3

Mention your desired class slot in the message.


Step 4

We will confirm your classes within 3 hours.