Photography Course

Our Photography Course provides in-depth training in the art and technique of photography. Learn from experienced photographers about camera settings, composition, lighting, and post-processing. The curriculum covers various photography styles, including portrait, landscape, and commercial photography. Perfect for aspiring photographers, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field. Gain practical experience through hands-on assignments and projects, preparing you for a successful photography career. Join us to turn your passion for photography into a profession.


15 hours (each class 1 hour)


2 classes per week


10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm

Students can choose any one hour from this

Benefits of Learning Photography

Photography is a powerful medium of storytelling and expression. Whether for personal fulfilment, professional development, or creative exploration, learning photography offers numerous benefits. It enhances your ability to see the world through a different lens, improves attention to detail, and cultivates a deeper appreciation for moments and aesthetics. In today’s digital age, photography skills are invaluable for creating compelling visual content, whether for social media, personal projects, or professional endeavours. Moreover, understanding photography opens up career opportunities in various fields such as media, advertising, fashion, and event management. By mastering the art of photography, you not only capture memories but also create timeless art that resonates with audiences across the globe. 


Week 1-2: Introduction to Photography

Class 1: Basics of Photography
– History of Photography
– Understanding Different Types of Cameras and Lenses
– Basic Camera Settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture)
Class 2: Composition and Framing
– Rule of Thirds
– Leading Lines and Symmetry
– Depth of Field

Week 3-4: Technical Skills

Class 3: Exposure and Lighting
– Understanding Exposure Triangle
– Natural vs. Artificial Light
– Basic Lighting Techniques
Class 4: Focus and Depth of Field
– Autofocus vs. Manual Focus
– Techniques for Shallow and Deep Depth of Field
– Bokeh Effect

Week 5-6: Advanced Techniques

Class 5: Portrait Photography

– Posing and Directing Subjects
– Using Reflectors and Diffusers
– Background and Foreground Management

Class 6: Landscape Photography
– Best Practices for Landscape Shots
– Using Tripods and Filters
– Time-Lapse and Long Exposure Photography

Week 7-8: Specialised Photography

Class 7: Macro Photography
– Close-Up Techniques
– Equipment for Macro Shots
– Lighting and Focus for Macro Photography
Class 8: Action and Sports Photography
– Capturing Motion
– Panning Techniques
– Best Settings for Fast-Moving Subjects

Week 9-10: Post-Processing

Class 9: Introduction to Photo Editing
– Overview of Editing Software (Lightroom, Photoshop)
– Basic Editing Techniques (Cropping, Adjusting Exposure, Color Correction)
Class 10: Advanced Editing Techniques
– Retouching and Enhancing Images
– Creating HDR Images
– Adding Filters and Effects

Week 11-12: Practical Applications

Class 11: Studio Photography
– Setting Up a Home Studio
– Using Studio Lights and Backgrounds
– Shooting in a Controlled Environment
Class 12: Event Photography
– Techniques for Capturing Events (Weddings, Parties)
– Managing Lighting in Different Venues
– Candid vs. Posed Shots

Week 13-14: Developing Your Style

Class 13: Creating a Photography Portfolio
– Selecting Your Best Work
– Organizing and Presenting Photos
– Online and Print Portfolios
Class 14: Marketing and Selling Your Photography
– Building a Brand
– Social Media and Online Presence
– Pricing Your Work and Finding Clients

Week 15: Final Review and Project

Class 15: Final Review and Q&A
– Recap of Key Concepts
– Open Q&A Session
– Guidance on Upcoming Internship and Projects


Internship - 1 Month

1 month of Academy projects/assignments and participation in 1 photography contest

How to Enroll?

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Send the payment screenshot to the same number.

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Mention your desired class slot in the message.


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We will confirm your classes within 3 hours.