“Lets Runaway” Song Recording
“Getting up from Pain” – The Message From The Track “Lets Runaway”
J&A Records the Track
J&A Vocal Recording
Recording of Lets Runaway
J&A Records “Lets Runaway” @ The Bangalore Studio

Let’s Runaway” Song gets Recorded at The Bangalore Studio. J&A goes to the next level on their next Project.

The Message Portrayed on the song is about “Getting up from Pain”

J&A works on Releasing the Track for New Year 2022. You Can find the Link of J&A Channel Below. The Second Song was also Recorded at The Bangalore Studio, Which will be released after few days. While Working in the Studio J&A Commented ” We are very happy working with Bangalore studio as the rates are amazing and the service is like no other would definitely visit again”

The Bangalore Studio wishes J&A a Success on their Journey

J&A Channel Link:-