Kannada Rap Singer Recording at The Bangalore Studio
Gautham Raj Singing for the Song “Daily Maneyali”
“Daily Maneyali” Song Recording

“Daily Maneyali” Rap Song from the Film “Bili Sullu” was Sung by Bangalore Rap Singer “Gautham Raj” The Song was Composed by Apollo Music. The Vocal Recordings, Mixing & Mastering was done at The Bangalore Studio.

The Rap Song has its unique Style of Explaining the Daily work of Father & son. The Story is about the Father and Son who live in a Village. The Film “Bili Sulu” is purely an art film made for Film Festivals & Directed by Mack Raj

You can Contact Apollo Music on https://apollomusic.in/

You can Contact Mack Raj on dopfilmaker@gmail.com

The Song can be heard at the below link